Generosity from Gawain's Shield


Generosity covers more than just giving money, and in many ways it can be thought of as giving a helping hand. The lace border resembles fingers, providing that helping hand […]

Fellowship from Gawain's Shield


Because fellowship refers to how knights interact with one another, I chose this yarn for the name: Lancelot is a knight whose fellowship is well-known. Also, the worsted weight yarn […]

Chastity from Gawain's Shield


Although chastity did not mean knights could not have sex at all, Galahad was the embodiment of chastity and was one of the only truly pure knights (and thus one […]

Courtesy from Gawain's Shield


Courtesy was the way knights treated other people, trying not to be offensive or do harm. Of all of these five virtues, it was perhaps the most important, which is […]

Piety from Gawain's Shield


Piety involves a knight’s religious ideals, and Avalon—although often seen as a pagan place—can also represent the religious Christianity of knighthood. Indeed, a small church once stood on Glastonbury Tor, […]